• Students at re-examination in new radio program

    6th of February 2015 · tags:

    On Sunday 8 February current Academy student in composition Allan Gravgaard Madsen and alumni and clarinet player Frederik Cilius launches a brand new radio program. The program is called "Taktløs på P2" and will be sent Sundays at 6:03-7:20 pm on DR P2.

    The purpose of the new program is to provide the uninitiated listener some knowledge that can enhance their music experience. The program is in its form disrespectful. The first program is entitled "What the hell is a sonata?"

    The two hosts declare that they regard the program as part of their post graduate musical training. In the first program on Sunday, they invited their former lecturer in music history at the Academy, associate professor Thorkil Mølle, for an interview about - or perhaps a re-examination of - the musical term "sonata form". Listen and hear if they can manage it!

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