• More colors of different backgrounds

    19th of January 2015 · tags:

    Besides international students in ordinary programs the Academy also has students from around the world at the two international master programs NOMAZZ and GLOMAS. These programs are provided in collaboration with other Scandinavian music academies.

    GLOMAS - Master in global music – is provided together with the Sibelius Academy in Finland and Malmö Music Academy. As a new approach the students are together the first year, and then they divide at the respective institutions. In the fall term the new 14/15–students were assembled in Finland, this spring they are assembled at the Academy in Aarhus.

    This brings even more colors of different musical backgrounds and traditions in Aarhus. At the GLOMAS program it is precisely the point that students learn from each other's diverse background. The 7 students are from respectively Tanzania, Finland and Ireland.

    Application deadline for the GLOMAS program is 27 January. Read more.

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