Nordic Saxophone Festival

May 4th-8th The Royal Academy of Music,
Aarhus, Denmark

In 4 days the Academy provides rooms for Nordic Saxophone Festival 2016, with participants from the Nordic countries and guests from Spain. The festival offers 8 concerts plus a finale where the audience can experience a very wide variety of music written or arranged for saxophones. Stylistically the repertoire spreads from classical Viennese music passing Norwegian nature romantic to Brazilian bossa nova and Argentinian tango.

All concerts have free admission and takes place in Kammermusiksalen except Sax Voyage 4/5 19.30h that takes place in Rytmisk sal.

4/5 19.30h Sax Voyage, with Five Saxes (Rytmisk Sal!)
5/5 19:30h an octopus, 2 glasses and a bit more
6/5 12.00h NORSK, with Grieg Saxophone Quartet
6/5 19.30h Rückert lieder with Current Sax Quartet and Amelie Aldner
6/5 22.00h SAX-M.E. Oriol Parés Mariné
7/5 12.00h Reflections
7/5 19.30h Sketches of Spain featuring Alfonso Padilla (ESP)
8/5 12.00h from the other side of the sea
8/5 19.30h Grand Finale


4/5   19.30h Sax Voyage med Five Saxes  (OBS – Rytmisk sal)
FIVE SAX invites you to join them on an unforgettable musical journey.
The multi-continental trip begins in the legendary capital of music: Vienna, with a look back at some timeless classics of the past. Then we jump on a train to explore the rich ethnic musical styles of Spain, Italy, Hungary and the Balkans. From there we hop on a flight to Rio de Janeiro to experience the seductive rhythms of Brazilian Bossa Nova, the passion of Argentine Tango and a visit to the mythic Columbian town of Macondo.
For the last stop of our voyage, we touch down in sunny Los Angeles where we rediscover some of the most famous Hollywood hits.   

5/5   19.30h An Octopus, 2 glasses and a bit more…
A few world premiers and music for beer glasses amongst other things. This program features Aarhusian ensemble NJYD, guitarist Matias Homar, violinist Pablo Rubino Lindner and also saxophonists Luis Federico Jaureguiberry, Evgeni Novikov and Johannes Thorell.

6/5   12:00h NORSK med Grieg Quartet
Norwegian music is known internationally for its vitality and deep relationship with nature. During this program you will experience great piano music by Norwegian composers such as Edvard Grieg, Geirr Tveitt and Harald Sæverud. The music played in this concert is arranged for Grieg Saxophone Quartet in its entirety.

6/5   19.30h Current Sax4tet med Amelie Aldner
Thommesen and Brække has composed their exciting and challenging pieces, dedicated to Current. Thommesen got the name to his piece, Coget Omnes!, from the Dies Irae hymn in the Requiem mass and means «Gather all». The piece is very demanding and uses the full capacity of the instruments. The Brække quartet shows a different side of the saxophone, with a tonality and rhythmical structure that has obvious references to the jazz and big band.
Rücker lieder by Gustaf Mahler; five songs with texts by Friedrich Rückert brings playfulness, romance and the most deep existentialism.

6/5   22.00h SAX-M-E. Oriol Parés Mariné
Saxophonist Oriol Parés Mariné from saxophone class at The Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus presents a late night concert including the legendary piece Dialogue de l'ombre double by composer Pierre Boulez.

7/5   12:00h Reflections
This program reflects on the previous 7 festivals and brings back memories from the very first festival in 2009 with music by Dutch composer Mattias Kadar who was the first composer in residence at the festival. Also you will get to remember saxophonist Jerome Laran who has been part of the festival twice and we also highlight the Argentinian connection that has been an important and inspiring part of the history of the festival.

7/5   19.30h Sketches of Spain featuring Alfonso Padilla (ESP)
Welcome to taste a bit of Spain. Spanish saxophone virtuoso Alfonso Padilla has put together a wonderful program with some Spanish music for different saxophone ensembles including music for saxophone orchestra.

8/5   12:00h From the other side of the sea
Is there anything of value on the other side of the sea in that long and cold country called Sweden? Come in, sit down and make your own judgement. Most likely you will enjoy the beauty and diversity of the Swedish music and to know more about the music by composers Albert Schnelzer, Karin Rehnqvist, Johan Hedin, Marie Samuelsson, Daniel Nelson and Nils Lindberg.

8/5   19.30h Grand Finale
And now, the end is here! We’re ending the festival in style by presenting masterpiece Workers Union by Louis Andriessen and we’re also highlighting the lower voices of the saxophone family namely the baritone and bass saxes in the Low Quartet by Michael Gordon. You will also hear music by David Maslanka, Matias Homar, Kim Kristensen, Asmati Chibalashvili, Milen Panayotov and former Aarhusian Lansing McLoskey. With this concert we say goodbye for this time and we hope to see you at a future festival.

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