Classical Guitar

The BMus (Classical Guitar) degree at The Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus, is a 3-year study course (180 ECTS credits) in which students acquire knowledge, skills, and qualifications to become musicians and entrepreneurs in music life.

The Course Structure

The course structure has a constant focus on subjects that relate directly to the main instrument. The main area of study also includes chamber music, in continuation of students’ skill in their main instrument, and ear training to help students develop awareness of their own musical experience and conceptual ability. The general subjects teach students to observe music from other angles than that of the performer and provide perspectives that lead to a broader foundation of practice. Later in the course students engage with the communication and initiation of music – practically and theoretically. Students acquire skills and qualifications in teaching at an intermediate level and in ensemble direction.

The BMus (Classical Guitar) degree course concludes with a student-defined project, based on their interests and needs, which also serves as part of their specialization in classical guitar.

The Course Subjects

The course subjects are divided into the following fields:

  • Main study area: Subjects where students are practising musicians plus subjects that support this aspect
  • Teaching skills: Subjects where students communicate and teach music plus subjects that support this aspect
  • General studies: Elementary subjects, obligatory for all students
  • Entrepreneurial studies: Subjects and projects where students acquire initiative skills, manage dynamic processes, and acquire tools to further their careers
  • Bachelor project: In addition to guidance on their project, students are prepared through project-related studies

The elements in the course are credited with ECTS points based on an assessment of the workload in the subjects.

In addition to the scheduled teaching students can experience:

  • Master classes with internationally acclaimed musicians
  • Interdisciplinary projects
  • Chamber music in a rich and challenging study environment
  • And much, much more



Page last updated 15th of November 2010