New Music for Strings - creating and interpreting compositions for strings

The vision behind New Music for Strings is to create an interdisciplinary space between the fields of string instrument performance and composition. Composers and performers will interact and inspire one another while working on the different aspects of creating and interpreting compositions for string instruments.

The festival also aims to compare differences in Scandinavian and American styles and traditions. The courses and events will feature advanced conservatory and university students and professionals in addition to faculty.

Masterclass sections - concert series - lectures

The festival consists of three independent masterclass sections, a concert series and lectures. Participants and audience will have access to all events.


A chamber music course for ensembles including strings, focused on the interpretation of contemporary music. Main faculty will be Philip Setzer, Steven Dann and Henrik Brendstrup

A performer/composer course focused on creating and performing works by participants for their instruments, as well as developing a vocabulary of extended techniques. Main faculty will be Eugene Drucker and Anne Sophie Andersen.

A composition course, focused on writing for string instruments. Faculty will be Simon Steen-Andersen and Eivind Buene.

Concerts and lectures:

The festival involves nine concerts, the majority of which will feature a combination of students and faculty. In addition to this, there will be a composer reading and a series of five lectures by faculty. The majority of events will take place in Aarhus. Detailed programs and locations for concerts and lectures: Go to left side menu: Events.

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(Please note that the official poster contains an error. The correct dates are the ones listed on this website: August 23-August 31.)