Projects written by students

Since 2012 the library has registered a lot of papers written by DJM- students. 

The papers are uploaded to the library's database as PDF files . It is only possible to read / print papers when you are logged on DJM's network. 

From the academic year 2017 we register only Master, Bachelor and Music History papers.


How to do it:

Type in the search box which type of project and field of study you want to read.
For example: bachelor project rm or master project classical.

AM (Almen musikpædagog)
D-RK (Diploma in Vocal Leadership)
D-RMB (Diplom i rytmisk musik og bevægelse)
E-MASTER (Master i Electronic Music)
GLOMAS (Master i Global Music)
IM (Den individuelle musikuddannelse)
KIMU (Professional Master og diploma in Church Music)
Klassisk (Classical)

M-RK (Professional Master in Vocal Leadership)
NOMAZZ (Master i Nordic Jazz)
RM (Rhythmic)
RMB (Rytmisk musik og bevægelse) 

Bachelorprojekt; Bachelor Project
Kandidatprojekt; Master Project
Diplomprojekt; Final Project
Entreprenørskab; Entrepreneurship
Masterprojekt; Master Project
Teoretisk pædagogik rapport; Theoretical Pedagogy Project
Musikhistorieopgave; Music History Project
Pædagogisk HI-rapport; 
Musikvidenskabelig teori og metode
Observationspraktik rapport; Observation Training Project
Elementær musikopdragelse; EM Training Project
Pædagogik og videnskabsteori (D-RMB)

Page last updated 17th of May 2017