Electronic music degree programmes

The Royal Academy offers the following educational programmes in the area of electronic music:

Bachelor in electronic music composition (Aarhus)

Bachelor in electronic sound and music (Aalborg - in Danish)

Master in electronic music composition (Aarhus)

Master in electronic composition (pedagogy) (Aarhus)

Postgraduate degree in electronic music (Aarhus)

DIEM, Aarhus

DIEM is the Academy’s department of electronic music. DIEM (The Danish Institute of Electronic Music) was founded in 1986 as Denmark’s national center of electronic music. In 2003 DIEM became part of the Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus.

Today DIEM is a lively dynamo of electronic music, a place where students and professional artists meet to compose, perform and exchange ideas. The department offers three degrees in electronic music composition: bachelor, masters and a postgraduate soloist programme.

Read more about DIEM here.

ELM, Aalborg (in Danish)

Electronic sound and music is a bachelor degree programme where the student works with production and performance of electronic music and sound art. The programme teaches skills required by professional electronic musicians today.

The students work to improve their abilities in the areas of music production, studio technique, hardware, programming, electronics, live performance, installations, synthesis and sound design.

Read more about the ELM educational programme here (in Danish only)

Page last updated 30th of May 2017

What can I become?

E-music trained graduates from DJM typically work as:

  • Musicians
  • Teachers at folk high schools, music schools, public schools, institution of higher education, boarding schools, etc.
  • Producers and sound technicians
  • Animation employees, sound/IT
  • Freelance teachers
  • Programmers within sound
  • Heads of music schools
  • Communicators of culture, project managers, booking agents, etc.


Watch prof. Wayne Siegel demonstrating a performance of the interactive computer piece "Two Hands (Not Clapping)" at Danish tv: