Bodil Krogh - Prima Vista, sight-reading and singing

Published by The Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus 2013

Includes a CD with song accompaniments 

Number of pages: 172

is a text book for the purpose of self-tuition, but will also be of use to both teachers of ear-training and singing teachers.

The target group is singing students at conservatoires, but other music students will profit from the book’s sections with exercises in particular.

The book contains the following three elements:
  - exercises
  - musical examples from the song literature    
  - a CD with the piano part for these songs

The last-mentioned is this book’s most important innovatory feature compared with other text books on the subject of sight-reading.

With this CD the user is able to practise the process of sight-singing without having to be dependent on an accompanist.

See examples from the book here:

Modulatory exercises
Index of songs
Song example

Recordings of the examples can be found on the enclosed CD.

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The book costs DKK 150 and can be bought by writing to