Tjørnhøj Triff

A bit about Triff and Tjørnhøj

With my own voice as "research material", I display the multiple expressions, always by pushing the limits of the voice. The expressions are linked in an acoustic universe which draws on basic human sounds. Many of the sounds are emotionally powerful because they normally express extreme conditions such as pain, great joy, satisfaction and devotion.¨The text is an organic offshot of the sonorous and ornamented, as well as the melodic and emotional. It is essential to me that my music has a personal, tender and sensuous expression, where the question of genre becomes unimportant, adn where also the audience can connect personally and directly to the expression.

FRIFF is a work in three movements, where alle musical elements are based on the specific musicality of my voice and the possibilities of the digital technology of manipulating the voice. The artistic process has been a matter of "learning by doing", which has inspired a playful, intuitively and slightly naive approach to the technology. I consider my music "handmade". Triff has thus become a hybrid of personal music and high-technology acoustic art. The expression is inspired by a string inner urge to transform a tangible fear of future/technology into a reconciling and creative musical expression - especially as we are about to enter a new millenium.

Yours sincerely
Line Tjørnhøj Thomsen

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