Harpe & computer. Electroakustisk musik fra DIEM III

Sofia Asuncion Claro, harpe

Ivar Frounberg, komponist
Fuzzy, komponist
Lars Graugaard, komponist
Ejnar Kanding, komponist
Sunleif Rasmussen, komponist

Danish works for solo harp and electronics written for and presented by Sofia Asunción Claro and produced at DIEM. These recordings represent a wide diversity of compositional approaches, ranging from the mysterious neo-romantic world of Kanding's Entbergen to the ever-developing musical gestures of Graugaard's Incrustations, from Rasmussen's lyrical Song of Myself, to the intertwined dramatic scenes of Frounberg's Worlds Apart, not to mention Fuzzy's delightfully playful B-Movies.

Siden er sidst opdateret fre d. 16. november 2012