Ear training teaching

The programme Music teacher with ear training at the Master programme cand.musicae (music teacher, in Aarhus) is a 2-year programme during which the student will gain specialized knowledge, skills, and competences to perpetrate as a music teacher and musician at a high level. The programme focuses on  making the student able to enter as an entrepreneurial force in the music world.   

The three subject areas in this programme

·         Main area

·         Entrepreneurial Studies

·         Master thesis

Main area include own skills (the entire programme), pedagigical skills (the entire programme), instrumental/vocal sujects (1st3rd semester), piano (1st-3rd semester), music theory (1st-2nd semester), and theoretical pedagogy (1st-2nd semester).

Entrepreneurship which is expected to be completed after third semester and gives the student the relevant tools for managing own professional qualities through e.g. self-management and entrepreneurial skills.

Master thesis is defined by the student based on own interests and needs. It works as the students specialisation within his/her area.

The elements in the programme are nominated with ECTS points based on an evaluation of the workload in each subject.

Besides the scheduled tuition at DJM, you may experience:

  • Study travels

  • Master classes with internationally renowned musicians and pedagogues

  • Chamber music in a rich and professional challenging study environment

  • Great opportunities for occupying yourself with choir conducting in a rich choir environment

  • Opera production

  • - and much more

Page last updated 20th of June 2013