Master in Innovative Choir Leading (Aalborg)

120 ECTS - full-time study

The Master programme in Innovative Choir Leading is a 2-year programme that zooms in on contemporary forms of expression, methodology and development of the student's personal and professional competences at a high artistic and pedagogical level within conducting rhythmic vocal ensembles.

The student chooses the direction and content of the programme in collaboration with DJM. The main subject will be rhythmic choir conducting. 

Minor subjects may be Ear training, improvisations theory, SSB (Singing, Playing and Movement), singing, piano, vocal theory, arrangement and optional flex subjects.

The entry audition is organized in such a way that it will give the broadest possible image of the musical background and pedagogical skills of the applicant.

Study Programme 

Curriculum for Master in Innovative Choir Leading is available here.

RAMA Vocal Center

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Summercamp 2018

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RAMA Vocal Center SUMMERCAMP 2018

June 25.-29. 2018

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