Master in Music, General Music Teacher (Aarhus)

A 2-year programme where the student builds upon the knowledge and the skills and competences acquired at the bachelor programme in General Music Teacher. Taking their musicianship as a starting point, students immerse themselves in three supplementary main subjects in addition to the main instrument. The main instrument may either be classical or rhythmic.  Main Instrument Pedagogics may constitute one of these main subjects. The main subjects must correspond to at least 10 semesters of tuition, are selected from the main subject catalogue (q.v.), and incorporate a communicative aspect as well as a pedagogical course. Electives may also be added.

The degree course forms the basis for student choices in relation to their future careers as music teachers.

The master's degree also prepares students for postgraduate studies at soloist or PhD level.

The course structure

The programme focuses on the student's elected supplementary main subject and main instrument. Elective elements are also featured, primarily on the first year.

Focus will be on communication and performances of music – both in practice and in theory. The Entrepreneurial Studies subject is concluded after the 3rd semester and provides the student with relevant tools for administering his/her artistic and pedagogical ambitions through e.g. self-management and entrepreneurial skills.

The course subjects are divided into the following fields:

  • Main area: subjects where the student is practising and subjects supporting this aspect.

  • Pedagogy: subject in which the student communicates and teaches and affiliated subjects supporting this.

  • Entrepreneurial Studies: Subjects and projects where students immerse themselves in the role as entrepreneurs and managers of dynamic processes and develop their career administration tools.

  • Master's project: The project itself as well as guidance and subjects that prepare the student for project work.

The Master programme in General Music Teacher builds upon the General Music Teacher bachelor programme.

Please also see Master, Rhythmic Music Teacher

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