Earlier Students’ stories:

Nicolai Lange, Aalborg Free School  

It was a pleasure to follow the diploma course in rhythmic music in Aarhus. The study environment is nice and it was great to be part of it, even though I was not a full-time student. It is also great that teachers have high demands, when it is about challenging our musicality! 

The educational experience is wide, mostly rhythmical – body, ears and head. Even though I was very much looking forward to my studies in principal instrument, the main excitement was about how the SDS part (singing-dance-play) steps in and moves around some things inside you.  

I am an educated teacher and that provided me with tools for the didactic part. The DRMB study program has made me a better musician as it allows me to help students when music does not flow in the right way. Now, I listen more to details and I have also received tools for work with the connection between body movements and music.  

I have become more rhythmically aware and it has been my greatest achievement.  

The study programme is give-and-take. The dance audition (probably the one everybody is looking forward to in the entry audition) proves the fact that you must use your entire body at the study programme.  

It is hard to describe it, but as Keith Richards has once said: “DRMB for the neck downwards!” 

So, off you go, and do not get scared of away by the talented teachers! They are at the Academy, because they are great communicators and open persons!  

Best wishes,

Nicolai Lange




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