Debut Concert 27 Sept. in Aarhus Tim McVeigh Pedersen plays music from Spain, Italy and Canada
Student and lecturer at leading festival for contemporary music
Hosting international meeting The Academy in Aalborg hosting consevatory meeting  25-27 sept.
Bach meets Berio - Aarhus 25 Sept. Spanish saxophonist Alfonso Padilla playing Bach toghether with Berio an others
"optakt" on the cooporation with UCN Article on the new cooporation with shool teacher academy in Aalborg
Open doords 4 October The Academy and the Music Haal Aarhus invites to visit the house backstage 12-15
Great reviews - for Live Foyn Friis' new album: "Running Heart"
School concerts with Academy Band The Academy in cooporation with LMS on Music-in-time-showcase 23 Sept.


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