Live stream! Admission free at premliminary rounds and live stream at the internet
Ben Webster prize for ass. prof. Uffe Steen recieves this years Ben Webster Prize in Copenhagen 26 March
Matiné concert in Aalborg 3 March Watch the photos!
The Academy at Aalborg Opera Festival 11 March Humperdincks opera Hans and Gretel repremiered in Aalborg
Reinhold Freidrich in Aarhus 9 March World leading trompeter with Academy students
EXISTENCE Festival with Academy contribution Academy singers and songwriters at Aarhus Festival 7 March
Monica Groop in Aarhus 11-12 March Masterclass with Finnish world soprano - open to the public
Soloist concert in Aarhus 11 March Two Academy students playing as soloists with Prinsens Musikkorps