DIEM Elektro: Sofus Forsberg

Torsdag d. 25. april kl. 20:00
Rytmisk Sal, Musikhuset Aarhus

Admission free

Sofus Forsberg is known for his skillfully live modular synth performances. With his very delicate sense of presence he creates a strong and coherent live experience, where he tames the raw modular synth sounds to a unique expressiveness all with the purpose of inviting the listener in an immersive space pointing to challenge the consciousness and perception making an experience words cannot describe.

Coming from a more acoustic musical background where he experimented and improvised with jazz, blues, and funk, Sofus Forsberg was born north of Copenhagen in 1970.

Since quite a while he now lives in Berlin, and has gained deep inspiration from everything around him, and the fact that the German capital is so active in the electronic music movement.

“Music is, and has always been my life”, says Sofus, “ and seeing the effects it has on people is exactly what made me decide to make a living out of music, and to dedicate my whole life to it.”

From the early days back in 1992 he has played all over the world, including numerous concerts with his guitar and his band, and from 1998 in electronic music gigs. Sofus is also a teacher. He is generous in spreading his knowledge, and has a lot of experience with all the aspects of music creation.

Although he has relatively few releases, his live shows have made him one of the crucial personalities of the Danish electronic music scene.

His latest release, FM Volta, on the Berlin based Mindwaves Music, shows Forsberg’s love of modular synthesizers and drum machines, through which he creates his melodic bliss, rhythmically experimental, and extremely beautiful music. This album is full of diversity, and curiously explores many aspects of today’s IDM music.

With his broad and often non-compromising taste, his music removes time and space, breaks down genres, brings art to the dance floor, and activates the body with the goal to transcend through the activation of higher consciousness.

Sofus’ goal is to keep researching sounds with the continuous intent of connecting people. He definitely believes that together we can reach another level.

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