DIEM Elektro: Zimoun (CH)

Torsdag d. 23. februar kl. 20.00
Musikhuset Aarhus, Lille Sal

Using simple and functional components, Zimoun builds architecturally-minded platforms of sound. Exploring mechanical rhythm and flow in prepared systems, his installations incorporate commonplace industrial objects. In an obsessive display of simple and functional materials. These works articulate a tension between the orderly patterns of Modernism and the chaotic forces of life. Carrying an emotional depth, the acoustic hum of natural phenomena in Zimoun's minimalist constructions effortlessly reverberates.

Zimoun lives and works in Bern, Switzerland. His work has been presented at leading art museums and galleries in Europe, North America and Asia. At DIEM Zimoun will perform a new multi channel composition, presented in complete darkness.

Siden er sidst opdateret man d. 20. februar 2017