FACES Ensemble - premiere concert

Music by Simon Steen-Andersen - Alberto Bernal - Niels Rønsholdt - Elena Rykova

Thursday the 25th of February. 19:30. Chamber Music Hall

A new flavour in Contemporary Music

Born as a consequence of the new tendencies of performing arts in a technological and interconnected world, FACES is a new initiative created by RAMA students who are interested in the expansion of concepts associated to musical interpretation and the meaning of the scene in our time. 

The philosophy of this new group is focused on giving a shock experience to the audience, taking into account all the tools extending our reach that emerge from the corporality of the performers, but also broadening them through the interaction with the virtual component that represent the use of video, electronics and a deep consciousness about the importance of the architectural space.

Also, FACES has a strong aim of collaboration with the Academy, managing an ensemble-in-residence model. Nowadays, a fluent dialogue with the Composition Department of RAMA has been established, providing a stable group to support its annual activity in PULSAR (Copenhagen) and RAMA Festivals and filling the gap of a ensemble where also the students of Master in Contemporary Performance can have a perspective of professional activity inside a group with a dynamic repertoire, that can be also the source of new proposals for workshops.

Additionally, a part of the program of the ensemble will play music by the youngest generation of composers around Europe, pointing Aarhus and our Academy in the map and finding ways of internal and external support to bring our activity abroad, creating network in the vital and exciting field that is the new creation.

Siden er sidst opdateret man d. 22. februar 2016